The average American eats 256 eggs per year. Ohio's egg farmers produce more than 7 billion eggs annually - that's enough to feed 27 million people!

Eggs are not only healthy (one of the best sources of protein available at only 70 calories each), but they're also affordable (one egg averages only 13 cents). And, you can trust the Ohio eggs you and your family eat are of the highest quality because Ohio's egg farmers work every day to provide you with safe, nutritious, affordable eggs, while providing excellent animal care, protecting the air, land and water resources, and giving back to their local communities.

Delicious from Ohio farms to your plate - don't forget to toss Ohio eggs in your grocery basket!

Ohio eggs are sure to keep you in the game this basketball season! Impress all the fans at your next party with these delicious egg-inspired dishes:

Buckeye Cheesecake Buckeye Cheesecake: Nothing says, "Go Bucks!" like an Ohio State Fair award-winning Buckeye Cheesecake-filled with chocolate and creamy peanut butter! This dessert will make Brutus proud.
Hard-Boiled Egg Dippers Hard-Boiled Egg Dippers: An easy addition to traditional hard-boiled eggs, these dippers provide easy-access for grabbing during a commercial break or an intense play. Serve with favorite dips (such as ranch or dill) and toppers - may we suggest bacon bits, carrots and cucumber?
Mini Wonton Quiches Mini Wonton Quiches: Perfect as a game day breakfast or as a party snack or appetizer, these crispy little quiches are sure to score a three-pointer with fans whenever you choose to serve them.
Mexican-Style Eggs-in-a-Nest Mexican-Style Eggs-in-a-Nest: Nothing like watching the basketball swoosh into the basket while enjoying eggs tucked in a hoop of cheesy hash browns. Add in some Mexican or taco seasoning to spice things up in preparation for the game!
Egg & Cheddar Quesadillas Egg & Cheddar Quesadillas: Wrap up a big win with these hearty quesadillas! This tasty dish is sure to be the center of attention at your basketball parties—that is, when all eyes aren’t focused on center court.

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